Keng Wai Lee (Bagman and Robin Art)

"I tend to reminisce through my past to get inspiration to create my artworks. Be it remembering all my scribbles on my child books full of monsters and robots in a apocalyptic world or just me indulging on my hobby of looking at swimming goldfishes for hours on end, giving them names and characters."
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Keng Wai Lee works as an Handbag and accessories designer/maker alongside his partner in London. He was trained in fine art and worked as a Visual Merchandiser and Freelance Visual artist. Within his work routine, he manages to squeeze some time to create art and, over the years, he has accumulated quite few paintings. Lee feels that it does take a lot of discipline and time but it is very rewarding.

His works mostly remind him of his childhood in the far east, where, as a teenager, he was fanatical about goldfishes, he had 7 large and small tanks. His dad, before being outlawed, kept numerous chicken in the yard and Lee used to make up stories for them imagining how they would see the world around them. The background of his paintings is a metaphor/story of his journey through life.

"I create a story with the purpose to give the viewer a lasting impression, inspiring and evoking memories. This is my job!"
Keng Wai Lee's Art does not have the only purpose to merely capture images trough his brushes and technical equipment, but it rather transcend the practical illustration trying to carefully, and with consideration, extract and expose the feelings that permeate our surrounding world.

Keng Lee art is a juxtaposition of playfulness, amusement, danger and mysteriousness
  • 2016 - Store Street Gallery - 32 Store Street, London WC1E 7BS
  • 2016 - Red Propeller Gallery - 76 Fore Street, Kingsbridge, Devon TQ7 1PP
  • 2016 - 09-11 September - New Artist Fair - The Old Truman Brewery
  • 2016 - 03-05 June - Untiteled Artists Fair - Chelsea Old Town Hall, London
  • 2016 - 26 April-1 May - FUSION The Cult House - Underdog Gallery, London
  • 2016 - 15-19 March - Suraya Arts Spring Exhibition 2016
  • 2015 - 16-20 December - ExhibitHere - OXO Tower London
  • 2 work features at 'EastEnders' in the UK television