Submissions for our 2016 'October Exhibition' are Open!

For two months between September and November 2016 The Truman Brewery will transform itself in an Art platform with different events that will attract many British and International collectors and art lovers.

Our 2016 Exhibition will be held at the Old Truman Brewery during last weekend of October. The Private View will take place on the 27th of October 2016, 6pm-9pm. The Exhibition will stay open from Friday 28th until Sunday 30th.

We do not have a specific deadline for the submissions, the artists will be selected on a rolling base.

The Old Truman Brewery, East London's revolutionary arts and media quarter, is home to a hive of creative businesses as well as exclusively independent shops, galleries, markets, bars and restaurants. For fifteen years the Old Truman Brewery has been regenerating its ten acres of vacant and derelict buildings into spectacular office, retail, leisure and event spaces. The finely tuned mix of business and leisure has created an environment unique in London, making the Old Truman Brewery ;

a destination in its own right.





Old Truman Brewery

With over 250 businesses housed onsite and the variety of events the Truman Brewery entire site achieves a footfall of more than 25,000 people.

Due to the diversity of tenants and activity onsite they have an exceptionally wide sphere of influence across age groups, gender and vocations. From students to professionals mainly in the creative industries, including and not limited to: Art, Publishing, Digital Media, Design, Architecture, Interiors, Fashion Designers, Trend setters, Film Makers, Photographers, Press, Global brands, Musicians, Foodies, Tourists and Families.

All the above makes the venue very attractive in terms of exposure that the artists can achieve.

GRID ART FAIR wants to become a platform where artists and galleries can present their art to local and international collectors.

Submission of your application does not automatically confer the right of admission to Grid Art Fair 2016. Decisions on admission are made exclusively by the GRID Selection Committee.

We are looking for high quality works and a wide variety of styles; Painting, Illustration, Collage, Mixed Media, Sculptures and Photography. We look at technique, concept, message, style and originality.

We will advertise our event in art sites and journals, Local Press, and continuously promote our artists on numerous online outlets and on social media.

Exhibiting Costs

All rates include VAT tax and we will provide a VAT invoice

Panel display space options

Basic Panels Configurations

  • 1mt. panel/wall space (100cm x 240cm) = £204.00
  • 2mt.  panel/wall space (200cm x 240cm) = £390.00
  • 3mt. panel/wall space (300cm x 240cm) = £570.00
  • 4mt. panel/wall space (400cm x 240cm) = £755.00

Floor space

We recommend that you use your own plinths specific to your work.

Each Unit below represent 50 cm x 50 cm of floor space and can be configured as per the artist specifications. For large works, please contact us and we will be happy to discuss the cost.

  • 1 unit = £110.00
  • 2 units = £200.00
  • 3 units = £300.00
  • 4 units = £400.00
  • 5 units = £500.00
  • 6 units = £600.00