Giuseppina Irene Groccia

The contrast and the difference between dark and the light in the art of Giuseppina Irene Groccia, not only represents the extreme shades of color, but as the artist herself says, the difference, the opposition and the antithesis that dwell often as every woman's joy and sorrow, courage and fear, good and evil, love and hate.
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Giuseppina Irene is a self-taught Italian artist Approaches to art following a path by himself. Its setting is not academic but is based on an attitude to design, exercised at the beginning only with pencil and charcoal enriched later with experiences painting in various techniques, such as oil, acrylic and material that has led her to create a personal style, based on the strength of clear and dark and contemporary figuration and always moved by careful exploration of his own soul.
The pictorial composition of Giuseppina Irene is in fact carried on a plastic screen in two dimensions and live the emotions that arise from conflicts, such as white and black, light and shadow, the visible and the invisible, the tangible and the impalpable, the body and the soul.
The whole is vigorously supported by a great vivacity representative and a strong momentum lyrical and transfiguring, offering the viewer resonance and clear and dark contrasts of considerable emotional impact.

Often juggles her passion for painting, made of traditional techniques, with Digital Art, the field in which she proposes, through digital tools, a creativity of strong emotional impact, influenced by personal reinterpretation of the images.
In 2013, on the occasion of the exhibition / competition "Visions from the Future "in Corigliano Calabro, wins with his work "Contradiction" the First Prize in the category Jury. In the same year, is among the artists reported for participation in the 10th edition of the Biennale International Art of Rome, in which it participates with excellent results.
2016 - Galarte XVIII Edition - COSENZA
2016 - Narrazioni - Museo della Tonnara - PIZZO CALABRO
2016 - Eros - CATANIA
2016 - International Calabria Art Festival - REGGIO CALABRIA
2015 - Contemporary Art Fair B.agl - BERLIN
2015 - InterConnessioni - Museo del Presente - COSENZA
2015 - Art Contest 2015 - VIBO VALENTIA
2015 - Angels&Demons GERMANY
2015 - Exhibition in Art Stalker Gallery - BERLIN
2015 - Open Workshops - COSENZA
2015 - Solo Exhibition Vintage Cafè Gallery
2014 - The well and the beautiful - COSENZA
2014 - Equilibrium - COSENZA
2014 - Interactions - ROSSANO COSENZA
2014 - Artistically Woman - MILANO
2014 - "Borders" -l Art Exhibition STRASBOURG
2014 - Land of Fires CASERTA NAPOLI
2014 - International art biennial of Rome - ROMA
2014 - "Omne Vivum Ex Ovo" CORIGLIANO COSENZA
2013 - Winner of shows competition "Visioni dal Futuro" - CORIGLIANO COSENZA
2013 - Talent Art - CATANIA
2013 - Talent Art Contest - PALERMO
2013 - Expò Italia - COSENZA
2012 - International Mail Art Exhibition - GUBBIO
2012 - National Prize G. D'Annunzio - PESCARA
2012 - Biennial Contemporary Art - COSENZA
2012 - "Artes Magnae in Urbe Syracusas" - SIRACUSA
2012 - Lunissanti Art Project - SASSARI
2011 - Artprize 2011 Artist in the world - Galleria Domus Talenti ROMA
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Her reviews and publications have been published by many art magazines and newspapers:
  • “ Il Doppio” Edizioni D’Arte Contemporanea – Garcoes Contemporary Art 2014
  • “La libertà bene comune” Edizioni D’Arte Contemporanea – Garcoes Contemporary Art 2013
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  • Dall’Altare della Gloria – Poesie Onirica Edizioni
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  • Calabria Ora / MezzoEuro – Settimanale d’informazione / Il quotidiano della Calabria
  • Tutto Gubbio / Il Gazzellino della Calabria / Gazzetta del Sud / Il Quotidiano del Sud