Debi Crouse


"I was educated by Dominican Nuns, who guided but let my creative free spirit wander through every sort of Art medium. To them, I am eternally Grateful!"

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I grew up in Fort Pierce, Florida and was educated in Art by Dominican Nuns, who let my free spirit wander through the world of Art, via pastels, oils, watercolor, sculpting and mosaics. For their patience, guidance and constructive criticism, I am eternally grateful as it allowed be to become the mixed media artist I am today.
I have developed a passion for digital Art and three years ago I began teaching myself Photoshop. I find my imagination is well suited to this realm as there are no boundaries, very few rules and the results for me, are personally rewarding.
 nearly always bury a story line that is more than meets the eye in my pieces as I believe Art appreciation is unique to each individual. Art should draw a person in to the piece, not merely through colors or subjects but more so by influences, suggestions and buried treasures that let one peek inside the soul of the Artis
  • 2015 - Scope Digital Show, Miami Beach, FL
  • 2014 - Scope Digital Show, Miami Beach, FL
    2013 - ArtFields Finalist, Lake City, SC

Grants & Awards:

  • 2013 - AE Backus "Best of the Best" Merit Award
  • 2014 - AE Backus "Best of the Best" Merit Award