Essa Zahir

Trough Art, the physical, spiritual and elemental worlds merge together in a game of neverending creation.
Essa Zahir was born in Iran, Tehran in 1967, but lived in the South West as a child in the small city of Ah’vaz, close to the Iraqi border where his father worked.
He found Ah’vaz much more bio-diverse and rich in wildlife than he ever did Tehran, which even back in the late 60’s and early 70’s was densely populated by people, leaving little space if any for wildlife. And it was in Ah’vaz where his love-affair and deep spiritual connection with the earth, from soil level and upwards began and set root.
A hot climate, but with very striking seasonal changes like massive thunder storms and floods, which evoked swarming of frogs or insects of plague proportions! And on occasions, earthquakes. So, the very elemental aspects of his environment had a very profound effect on his psyche as a toddler.
He began painting and drawing before he even went to school. And his backyard had enough bio diverse drama and action to keep him engrossed – he was bitten and stung by more bugs and creepy crawlies than he could list, not to mention catching rashes from his beloved feral cats! Another deep obsession, fascination and spiritual bonding he still feels with those creatures to this day. And the drama didn’t end there. Frequently, his brother and he had to battle packs of wild, feral dogs on the way to school each morning.
His life experiences brings him to use art to explore, express and trying to reimagine all ‘God’ creations. in this effort he feels closer to the ‘process of life’ and all its beauty, mystery and drama. it is Essa’s a way of trying to understand or grasp a greater ‘truth’ beyond worldly conventions and deceit.
Late 2013 he began to paint again after a 13-year gap. In this let period it was the reconnection with nature that began to restore what he thought couldn’t be restored any more. Even though, living in London, “reconnecting with nature” was more meditative and involving a much less bio-dramatic environment than what he experienced as a child. Essa feels nature is where find the beauty and truth of the world. He finds amazing what you start to see and discover by looking into rotting wood, tree bark and cracks in old ruins.

Essa enjoyed painting as a child before even starting school, but he never imagine he woudl become an "artist".
His art is a convergence of the mythological theme and the natural world that gets swallowed up and become lost in pure imagination.
He describes his work as 'illustrative & impressionist' altought his creative process does not follow a set path, creting artworks that is sometimes difficult to categorize under a specific style.

"What excites me is not really knowing what vision or theme will find me next."


  • 2016 - 27-30 October - The Dot Int'l Art Fair at The Old Truman Brewery
  • 2015 - 12-13 December - Le Dame Art Gallery
  • 2015 - 27-29 March - New Artist Fair - Candid Art Galleries 3 - 5 Torrens St, London EC1V 1NQ
  • 2014 - 6-7 September - New Artist Fair


  • 2016 - "The Last Tree", eBook on - link
  • 2015 - "The Abandonen Warrior", eBook on - link
  • 2014 - "The Cosmological Warrior", eBook on - link