Claudia De Grandi

"Overtime music, poems, magic and physical movement became the elements in which I could express my feelings and perceptions of the world."
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Brazilian born artist Claudia De Grandi lives and works in East Sussex. Claudia’s artistic life started very early with music when she studied the piano and musical composition at the Conservatory of Music of Piracicaba, Sao Paulo. Since leaving Brazil and making the UK her home over 20 years ago, she has extensively travelled and explored many regions of the world. Her relationship to far and exotic landscapes of Brazil, South East Asia, India, Africa and the Mediterranean is the delicate essence present in her work.

Claudia’s passion for the natural world and the coexistence of human cultures has been an inspiration to her. From the period of 2004 to 2009 she acquired a BA in Fine Arts and MA in Theory and Practice of Transnational Arts at the University of the Arts, Camberwell, London. During her MA she produced a body of artwork and a thesis on The Eastern influence on the historiography of Brazilian Modernism. Claudia’s enthusiasm for Transnationalism and appreciation of cultural hybridism moves her to continue to create an expansive body of work that displays a confident and unique visual language.