Her art creates a beautiful bridge between East and West
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Chehade’s pictural art walks a fine line between the Figurative and the Abstract, drawing in effects of superimposed or interwoven materials.

Her repeated trips to the Middle-East and Morocco often provide the inspirational fabric she needs, and the foreign influence is duly reflected in her colour and subject choices.
Chehade proceeds through the depiction of distinguishing features, imprints and enshrinements. She experiences a sense of achievement every time a human face, a true-to-nature animal or landscape eventually emerge from the raw material she has been working on. The Western world is also represented on her canvas, using the latter as a street wall on which she paints her views of modern-day issues.

As a cultural bridge between East and West, her work is the ultimate invitation on a journey — one you least expected, a visit to sometimes eerie places, as mesmerizing as a dream.