Anna Cortada

Her work is a brief representation of her attempts to decipher the world around her, through the artistic expression of painting.
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Anna started to paint pictures for her friends when she was 19, each canvas meant something connected with that person, what role he/she had in her life and experiences they had lived together.
Her painting have now evolved but she still uses many natural elements in her work, which is an influence o the nature and the mountains that have seen her grow.

The meaning of the paintings are within Anna's mind, often you might recognize many elements reminiscent of flowers, vegetables, monsters, masks, people, broken hearts, watchful eyes... They are all part of Anna's mind, her traumas, experiences, thoughts, travels ... They are a brief representation of her attempts to decipher the world around her, through the artistic expression of painting.
Her pictures always remember patterns for clothing, because it is also one of the fundamental concepts behind Anna's work, to transfer her art to many forms of expression, and one of the ways is to create a dialog that can be converted into "prints " for clothing.

In 2013 she started the Social Fashion Monster project at the University of Fashion Design Felicidad Duce in Barcelona. It was her final design-­‐fashion project in which she created monsters that come out of the paintings she painted on nights while she was studying her degree.

The idea for the project came from the observation of today's world and she found inspiration in the social, political and economic chaos that surrounds us. Her project also speaks about masks, the masks that people put on to hide from the society and feel integrated.
Using these principles as a basis, she has tried to capture in her painting and designs an alternative to the globalised intercultural world that tends to devalue creativity, standardize ideas, thoughts and also ways of dressing.

Since the project started she has participated in numerous exhibitions in London and Catalonia, Spain, some of which include Weart festival, Monster Young Creators, Drap Art festival, Brick Lane Gallery in London, Bedfordshire Music and Fashion week and Artrooms 15, she has also done several collaborations in the 080 Barcelona Fashion Week and advertising vídeos for Reebok.

Her work consists of paintings, monsters, illustrations, hand-­‐painted silk ties and clothing amongst others, her patterns and designs are captured in all these elements.